Make Your Own Hummus

Is it weird that my first post is about hummus? It’s not even a dessert. Oh well.

Why bother making your own hummus? People ask me that question all the time. Not specifically about hummus, but – why make your own [icing, pasta sauce, caramel, pizza dough… etc.]. It’s kind of a weird question, right? But the answer is usually shades of the same thing: tastes better, cheaper, healthier, cooking is fun + relaxing! Need I say more?

Homemade hummus is SO good. Smooth, creamy, fresh. And it’s really easy!


Start with some simple ingredients. Olive oil, chick peas (aka garbonzo beans, which my husband did not know the first time I sent him to the grocery story after them… oops), garlic, lemon, cumin and tahini.

Make Your Own Hummus.jpg

Dump it in a food processor. I’m technically making garlic hummus here, so if you’re not a garlic fanatic, you should probably cut back! I almost always use pre-minced garlic, rather than freshly mincing my own. As much as I LOVE garlic, I completely HATE mincing it. It’s so sticky, and the papery skin gets stick to your hands, and your knife and your cutting board and ughhh. Minced it is.


New jars of tahini are a lot like natural peanut butter – oil on top, butter on the bottom. Gotta mix it together before adding it, or you’ll end up with all oil and little tahini flavor. I like to use a table knife to get to the bottom and slooooowly mix it (lest I spill it everywhere) until it reaches the right consistency – like runny peanut butter.


Ingredients in? Blend that baby! If you don’t have a food processor, which I did not for a long time (thanks Mom!), you can use a blender instead. If you do use a blender, work in smaller batches to make sure everything gets blended consistently. Hummus is a little bit on the thick side for a blender, so you’ll also have to move it around with a spoon or knife a lot. BUT, if you have a food processor, just dump and blend!

Give it a taste test after you blend and add any garlic, salt, pepper or olive oil to taste. If it’s a little thick, drizzle in water while the food processor is processing, about a tablespoon at a time. If you want to make your hummus a flavor other than “plain,” now is the time to add. I like to drop a roasted red pepper in sometimes, but you can add whatever you like. Sun dried tomatoes might be tasty. Or jalapenos. Or olives.

HUMMUS (1).jpg

See? Easy-peasy. Now dip some veggies and pita in there! Or make this delicious hummus-crusted chicken recipe!



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