“Cuban” Sandwiches

Disclaimer: These are not authentic Cuban sandwiches. Beginning with the fact that I am in no way Cuban and ending with my lack of panini press, I do not claim these to be traditional. They are, however, yummy. Which is pretty much all that matters in my house.

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With two visitors arriving, I needed something delicious and easy that would serve a crowd (thinking: leftovers). Roasting a pork shoulder checks those boxes pretty much every time, but instead of doing regular old pulled pork, I decided to do sandwiches.

Most pork shoulders are enormous. Like, you’ll be eating roasted pork for the next five months enormous. Try to find a size that works for the group your feeding (pork usually freezes pretty well, too!). In my case, I searched for the smallest one I could find, around 6.5 pounds, and STILL had plenty of extra.

Roast Pork - Cubans.jpg

Rinse your shoulder off, pat that bad boy dry and then plunk it (fat side down) in the crock pot. You can roast the shoulder in the oven too… another recipe for another post 🙂  Make a few small cuts in the meat and insert slices of garlic. Rub it down with olive oil, and then a spice mixture of salt, pepper and oregano. Squeeze an orange over the shoulder, then cover and cook for 6 hours on low.

When the shoulder is done, it will be tender and browned throughout. Remove it from the crock pot and let it rest for 15 minutes or so before pulling or slicing it for layering on sandwiches.

Cubans - Sandwiches

While the pork is resting, lightly toast your rolls (or Cuban bread if you’re aiming for authenticity) and slather with mustard. Layer on ham, Swiss cheese, sliced red onion, roast pork, and top with (lots of ) pickles. (Going for authenticity, I’d press the sandwiches too, but the last time I tried that without the proper tools I made a massive, massive mess, so….) Dig in!!

Cuban-Inspired Sandwiches

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