BBQ Chicken Stuffed Baked Potato Skins

I should have called this blog Dad Loves Bacon. Except, alliteration. And, truly, Dad LIKES bacon, but I don't think he loves it. I, however, clearly LOVE bacon. Could be worse, right? Rare is the Sunday when my husband and I get the chance to veg in front of football games all day. We're fans … Continue reading BBQ Chicken Stuffed Baked Potato Skins


Recreating Feta-Topped NY Strip Steaks

I travel for work. Not usually four times in four weeks, like this month (crazy!), but from time to time. Frequently, this means sandwiches at the airport and burnt coffee during the hotel's continental breakfast. Occasionally, this means some truly delicious and unique eats. On a trip last year, I had one of the best … Continue reading Recreating Feta-Topped NY Strip Steaks