Bacon-Wrapped Salmon (for breakfast!)

I’m clearly in a bacon rut. I would say it was becoming a problem if it wasn’t so freaking delicious.

I’ve also been in a brinner rut. Wherein I eat primarily eggs and toast every day. If only I could come up with a clever name for it, I could call it a diet, sell a book and retire (the working-from-home-but-too-busy-to-make-anything-but-eggs-and-toast-diet?).

Given the two ruts, it should not come as a surprise that I made salmon, wrapped it in bacon and topped it with a fried egg for dinner a few nights ago. In my defense, it was a more interesting meal than yet another night of Thanksgiving leftovers.

I started out wanting to make salmon.


So I got some salmon and started to sear it.


Then I decided to wrap it in bacon.


And then finish cooking these gorgeous meats in the oven.


And then top the whole thing with a fried egg.


I guess I’ve had worse ideas, right?

When I first made this, I served it over a toasted English muffin (as pictured). My husband informed me that this was not enough food. So the next time I made it (I told you, a rut!), I made some tasty parmesan grits and served the salmon over the grits. I highly recommend this, just didn’t get any pictures!

Bacon-Wrapped Salmon + Parm Grits.png

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