Dijon Maple Chicken + Brussels Sprouts Salad

Welcome to January, month of the New Year’s Resolution. Followed quickly by February, month of abandoning the New Year’s Resolution. I don’t have a specific resolution this year, but after two months of holiday indulgences (a nice way to say “eating and drinking my way from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day”), I definitely needed a bit of a detox.

Now, my idea of detoxing does not involve juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon juice or any other vaguely gross and really unhealthy suggestions found on Pinterest. I just figured I should eat some more veggies. Other than potatoes.


Enter brussels sprouts.

In related news, I recently learned that it’s brusselS sprouts not brussel sprouts and it kind of blew my mind. Like when Lorelai Gilmore found out that the correct plural pronunciation of cul-de-sac is culs-de-sac. (It just sounds wrong!)

Anywho, it seemed like brussels sprouts and chicken would be a great antidote to weeks of cookies and carbs, so I decided to try a play on the salad I made for Thanksgiving.


The absolute worst part of brussels sprouts… cleaning and cutting them. First tear off all the outside leaves, then shred each sprout down to the nub. Toss the nub. Repeat. For an entire bag of sprouts. This was by far the most time consuming part of this otherwise really easy salad.


Once the sprouts were shredded, I started on the chicken. I used thighs, it’s what I had on hand. I’m sure breasts would be good as well. I just trimmed a little fat and sprinkled each side with salt and pepper before tossing in my nice, hot, olive oil-coated cast iron skillet. Once in the skilled I brushed each piece with my chicken sauce. It would have been good as a marinade too, if I had started earlier and wasn’t too hungry to wait for marinade at this point.

IMG_0485.JPGWhile those bad boys cooked, back to the salad I went. Shredded brussels sprouts, meet pears and a dijon vinaigrette.


I tossed everything together with my (clean) hands and topped with some goat cheese, cinnamon sugar pecans and the chicken.


I enjoyed this so much, I’ve actually made it twice since the New Year. Delicious.


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