Goat Cheese Red Pepper Turkey Burgers

I woke up at 6:45 this morning. And went running. It might be a New Year after all.

I type this fully realizing that 6:45 a.m. is NOT that early, and that many people wake up then or much earlier every day to go to work, or to exercise or to whatever. But I do not. Ever. Wake up before I absolutely have to.

And running isn’t an absolute need. I suppose until today.

So the healthyish thing is continuing, hence the continued running (we also have a half marathon coming up, and don’t want to embarrass ourselves).

Which brings me to today, and to the turkey burger. The sad little cousin of the beef burger, younger sister to the world’s greatest burger, the lamb burger (in my HUMBLE opinion). I will order a lamb burger on basically any menu I see it on. I will not order a turkey burger on basically any menu I see it on. Turkey burgers usually end up so dry and boring tasting.

Time to change that. With one of the greatest foods ever, goat cheese. My newest obsession to cook with since I seem to have moved on from bacon. Though, full disclosure, I did make myself bacon and a goat cheese omelette for dinner last night. Oops.


You know what goes great with goat cheese? Roasted red peppers. Which I mixed into the ground turkey with an egg, some spices and some breadcrumbs to help moisten the whole thing up a bit.


Mixed meat is just about the least appetizing looking thing ever, right?

IMG_0543.JPGUntil it becomes these gorgeous patties.


And yes, it’s January, so I used my cast iron grill pan instead of the actual grill. These might have even been slightly better on the charcoal grill, but it was cold outside. Indoor options called.


Grill marks make everything better.


While the burgers were grilling, I slathered some softened goat cheese on each bun. Added some spinach… so good. Tomato would have been good on this also, but I only had cherry tomatoes and that didn’t seem like a great option for topping a burger.


I served these with a SALAD (not pictured) and oven-baked fries (pictured). I can only go without potatoes for so long. I’m still human, after all.

The leftover patties were also yummy leftover the next day with some quinoa and asparagus!


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