World’s Easiest Pulled Pork

Lately, I’ve been lamenting that we ran out of our favorite barbecue sauce. It’s from a wing joint in Pittsburgh, Sidelines, that we became aware of after it placed second in a local “best wings in Pittsburgh” contest. (It was robbed, they have the first best wings in Pittsburgh. And everywhere.)

The hot garlic barbecue sauce they make is ah-mah-zing. (My husband also likes the hot, but it’s too hot for me.) And they make like a bazillion other flavors, some of which we’ve tried during trips back to Pittsburgh, so far, all good.

As a wedding gift, a friend gave us two GROWLERS full of my favorite sauce (and two smaller bottles of the hot). And it has finally run out. We tried to get more the last time we were in Pittsburgh, but we forgot to bring our empties and they were out of bottles. Enter sadness. And inability to eat barbecue sauce-requiring foods.

Until Christmas, when we were gifted a bottle of local craft sauce. Barbecue back on the menu. My husband also got his new kegerator set up, so we now are the beer-on-tap-at-home family.


It’s a little over the top, but not all bad. (Plus the husband promised to take care of all cleaning and whatnot, so win-win for me!)

If that wasn’t enough, the local Harris Teeter decided to give away pork shoulder earlier this month. Such a sale they practically paid me to take it off their hands. YESPLEASE!

So, pulled pork it would be.


To add to my delight, pulled pork is super easy to make. At least the way I make it.


Rub it down with some spices.

Pork covered in beer.png

Cover the whole thing in beer and cook it low and slow – 8 hours later, you will have delicious pork.


Nothing wrong with that!

I used my roast lifters (this is really what they are called, I checked) to get it out of the crock pot since it’s a. hot, b. heavy, c. FALLING apart at the slightest touch.


It is so easy to pull (or in my case chop) at this point. This picture doesn’t really do it justice, but the bone was CLEAN.

Then toss it with your favorite barbecue sauce (or in my case, the new sauce I was cheating on my favorite with) and serve however you like!


Don’t tell my Sidelines sauce… but this was good too. It has a nice mustard-y flavor to it, which made it really unique.


For the first night (since this makes approximately 12,098 servings of pulled pork), I served it on sesame seed buns with pickle slices and cheddar cheese. And it was delish. The next night, I made a pizza… recipe to come.

I still have enough leftover to feed the entire cast of Newsies. And I assume those tween/teen boys were hungry after all that singing and dancing.

Pulled Pork.png

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