Pulled Pork Pizza

Shhhh, quiet. It has not been more than a month since I last posted. February cannot have gone by that quickly. It’s clearly February 3 and we’re headed to New Orleans for the weekend.


Oh wait, we already did NO.

We also ran a half marathon and I hit the road twice for work. And had family in town for a weekend. And fixed a leaky toilet. Excuses, I know.

In any case, I swear I did not wait six weeks to use the masses of leftover pulled pork for this pizza recipe. I made it right away, and just waited that long to share.


One of my favorite things about this pizza dough is that it doesn’t need to rise. So much faster.


And it shapes nicely into this vaguely square crust. I’m terrible at stretching pizza dough, this was the best I could do (at least it wasn’t just a blob, I suppose).


Look at that delicious porky pizza.


This was seriously so good, I wish I had another batch of pulled pork right now. Alas.


Pulled Pork Pizza.png

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