Steak Sandwiches with Spicy Honey Mustard

Spicy honey mustard is a thing, right? I’m not so revolutionary as to have invented a new condiment. I’m just not that clever.

Steak sandwiches were always a staple in my house as a kid. My Dad loved them (so did my Mom), and we as kids HATED them. My parents had a very strict “you have to try it policy,” so I am at a loss for how I tried a steak sandwich and did not like it.

All these years later, I feel the loss of all the steak sandwiches I could have eaten as a child.

And I must make up for it.


Maybe I was against onions and peppers as a kid?

These are NOT Philly cheesesteaks. For that, you’ll need to go to Philly. Or find someone from Philly. Or just coat this in Cheese Whiz and then cry yourself to sleep.

Steak sandwich process.png

I use a steak sandwich process that I assume was patented by my mother.

Once the onions and peppers start to soften, push them to one side of the pan. Add the steak. Let it cook. Flip it over. Then mix the cooked steak in with the peppers and onions. Push everything to the side, and repeat the process until all of the steak is cooked.



Steak sandwiches closeup.png

Too many close ups of the same thing? Oh well. I was hungry, and now I’m looking at these and wondering if there are any leftovers in the fridge.


Ignore my lightly singed bread, yet another casualty of my inability to use the broiler properly. (Don’t be like me: lower your oven racks and set a timer!!)Steak Sandwiches.png


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