Bacon-Wrapped Salmon (for breakfast!)

I’m clearly in a bacon rut. I would say it was becoming a problem if it wasn’t so freaking delicious.

I’ve also been in a brinner rut. Wherein I eat primarily eggs and toast every day. If only I could come up with a clever name for it, I could call it a diet, sell a book and retire (the working-from-home-but-too-busy-to-make-anything-but-eggs-and-toast-diet?).

Given the two ruts, it should not come as a surprise that I made salmon, wrapped it in bacon and topped it with a fried egg for dinner a few nights ago. In my defense, it was a more interesting meal than yet another night of Thanksgiving leftovers.

I started out wanting to make salmon.


So I got some salmon and started to sear it.


Then I decided to wrap it in bacon.


And then finish cooking these gorgeous meats in the oven.


And then top the whole thing with a fried egg.


I guess I’ve had worse ideas, right?

When I first made this, I served it over a toasted English muffin (as pictured). My husband informed me that this was not enough food. So the next time I made it (I told you, a rut!), I made some tasty parmesan grits and served the salmon over the grits. I highly recommend this, just didn’t get any pictures!

Bacon-Wrapped Salmon + Parm Grits.png


Upping My Brinner Game with Goat Cheese Grits

So. It’s been quite a while. I don’t even want to look at the date of my most recent post. I’m guessing… November 2015? About that time.

Well, what can I say? Life got busy. The holidays hit, then we were in full-steam-ahead mode on a kitchen renovation (we didn’t do it ourselves, though I’m AMAZED by those who do). It was a hectic few months – and then the work started. Three long weeks later, our kitchen went from a tiny box to a wide open beautiful space. See? img_0882img_0884Much better!

And so on and so forth. Until August, when life started to slow down again, and we decided to wreck the peace by getting a puppy. Classic. But look how cute!


Also, please don’t judge the lawn. It, like this blog, is a work in progress.

Anyway. Busy, no? Sometimes dinner plans go awry and I need a new, quick idea. Enter: breakfast for dinner, a.k.a. brinner. Because who doesn’t like a nice glass of wine with a pancake? Typically brinner in our house is an egg or two, bacon and toast. Occasionally we do waffles. From now on, we will do goat cheese grits.

Grits are a really basic dish. Even more so when I use quick-cooking grits (5 minutes!). But they are quite bland without any additions. Cheese is usually the go-to and was certainly my choice a few nights ago. I happened to have goat cheese sitting around waiting to be eaten – which rarely happens, as goat cheese is delicious and should never “sit around” or “wait” to be eaten. Just eat it!


Look at that cheesy goodness…

For a quick, quick brinner side dish, combine 1/2 cup grits with 2 cups of chicken broth (water works in a pinch, but broth helps jazz up the grits) and bring it to a simmer for FIVE short minutes. Don’t be like me, and let it boil over. Made a slight mess all over the stove. Oops.


Stir in your cheese and any other toppings. I used green onions. Chives would also have been delicious, had I any chives on hand.


Portion out and serve with your normal brinner staples!