Crispy (!) Oven Baked Fries

You know what I love? (Other than bacon and goat cheese and puppies, obviously.) Potatoes. I didn't always. I still have flashbacks to the day my Mom first took us to Boston Market (which at the time was called Boston Chicken). First off, we thought it was in Boston. Despite the fact that we lived … Continue reading Crispy (!) Oven Baked Fries


Dijon Maple Chicken + Brussels Sprouts Salad

Welcome to January, month of the New Year's Resolution. Followed quickly by February, month of abandoning the New Year's Resolution. I don't have a specific resolution this year, but after two months of holiday indulgences (a nice way to say "eating and drinking my way from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day"), I definitely needed a … Continue reading Dijon Maple Chicken + Brussels Sprouts Salad