We are always coming up with new creative desserts. Below is a sampling of what’s been cooking recently. Want to get your hands on some? Get in touch.

Deluxe Desserts

A.k.a. the Good Stuff. These deluxe desserts feature complex (and sometimes adult) flavors and high end, homemade garnishes.

Gin and TonicLime cake, gin and tonic buttercream, candied lime
London FogChocolate + coffee cake, Earl Gray-infused Swiss
buttercream, salted caramel or dark chocolate ganache
Mint Juleip Mint chocolate cake, bourbon buttercream,
dark chocolate ganache drizzle, mint leaf garnish
Hot ChocolateHot chocolate cake with whipped cream filling,
chocolate frosting, marshmallow garnish
PSLPumpkin cake, whipped cream frosting, salted caramel
drizzle, pumpkin spice garnish
Orange Mirror
Chocolate genoise cake with Grand Marnier syrup,
orange cream patisserie filling, chocolate mousse
frosting, chocolate mirror glaze, candied orange garnish
**Available as a 9-inch cake only, $55 each

Premium Desserts

These premium desserts feature delicious flavor combinations and elegant garnishes.

Mango SangriaMango cake, red wine reduction buttercream,
fresh fruit garnish
French ToastCinnamon cake, maple buttercream, drizzled with
maple syrup, bacon garnish
MochaChocolate cake, espresso buttercream, dark
chocolate ganache
Caramel AppleApple cake, salted caramel buttercream, salted
caramel drizzle, chopped peanut garnish (optional)
Boston Creme
Vanilla sponge cake, cream patisserie filling (or
frosting for cupcakes), dark chocolate ganache
**Cake is only 2 tiers

Basic Desserts

These basics can be done as cupcakes or 9-inch, three-tier cakes.

Pumpkin Cream CheesePumpkin cake, cream cheese frosting
Carrot CakeCarrot cake, cream cheese frosting
Chocolate CakeChocolate cake, choice of frosting
Vanilla CakeVanilla cake, choice of frosting
Yellow CakeYellow cake, chocolate buttercream frosting
Red Velvet CakeRed velvet cake, cream cheese frosting